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SSNDV nascholing - Diagnosis of melanocytic lesions in the era of molecular pathology (2020-09)

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Arnaud de la Fouchardière

The recent WHO classification of skin tumors (2018) as well as the growing accessibility to molecular techniques is reshaping our traditional vision of melanocytic proliferations. Among these changes, the main new concept is the recognition of the group of intermediate grade tumors (named ‘low and high grade melanocytomas’) linking the progression from benign nevi to malignant melanomas. There are important relationships between the clinical appearance and the morphology and genetics of the heterogeneous group of tumors. We will illustrate the most frequently found subgroups (BAP1 inactivation, Deep Penetrating Nevi, Spitz, blue) with emphasis on the clinical implications of these discoveries. 


Arnaud de la Fouchardière
E-mail: arnaud.delafouchardiere@lyon.unicancer.fr